It is my hope that the Weird Series and Nobody! will help children reflect on the power that they have to put an end to bullying. One of the great joys in my life is having the opportunity to reach out and connect with readers. I would love to spend the day with your students and share my inspirational author visit presentation that combines my interest in anti-bullying with the writing process. I am also available for smaller classroom and library workshops as well as Skype visits. See what people are saying: 

"When we think about our characters...we think about each other." - Erin Frankel

"When we think about our characters...we think about each other." - Erin Frankel

"Ms Frankel provided our students and staff with a fantastic experience about an important message. Students made many connections with the various perspectives in bullying situations. Her writing process aligned perfectly with our instruction using our Units of Study for Writing. The instruction we provide our students through our bully prevention program and our writing instruction were reinforced and the students made that connection." - Lauri Pendred, Principal Evans City Elementary School


"Erin was funny and inspiring, urging the kids to be writers in their everyday lives." - Natalie DeRiso Children's Services Carnegie Library


"Erin's presentation was wonderful. I have heard great feedback from the students and teachers. My own child, a kindergartner, received his signed books and was so excited. In fact, he has even started writing his own book!" - Cassi Pencek, Assistant Principal Rowan Elementary School


"From the back of the room, you could hear a pin drop. Each of the Weird series presentations instantly registered with our students, and at every grade level!" - Peter Moskos, Librarian Evans City Elementary School


"What a wonderful way to discuss such an important topic, through the various perspectives! Erin Frankel's work is child-friendly, interesting, and educational. The discussion generated from her books was remarkable and thorough. A great assembly for all children." - Jennifer Rea, Kindergarten teacher South Allegheny Early Childhood Center


For more information or to schedule a visit, contact Erin at: